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Sun Glitters  Everything Could Be Fine


Had a hard week? You should probably listen to Sun Glitters. You only need to experience the first minute of opening track “Beside Me” to feel soothed by its deliciously echoey, spun-sugar vocals, all of which are intertwined with blurry layers of beats. Put together, this mix makes for something that’s super easy on the ear. “ Beside Me” leads nicely into “Too Much To Lose”, which has a slightly harder edge, and a pulse to it that feels like a heartbeat. The accompanying high pitched vocals set this off perfectly.

There’s a consistency of sound in Sun Glitters (Victor Ferreira, allegedly a resident in Luxembourg), and it’s obvious he lives in a world of fuzzed out vocal samples, and submerged beats. Although most of the tracks on the album conform to this, there are also times when it’s clear he’s capable of kicking things up a notch. “Dragonfly In The City” has a gentle touch of the R&B about it, but with the harder edges rounded off and layered into his off kilter beats. It’s even a little bit sexy. “Softly And Slowly” has a similar darker edge, which lends it more intensity than some of the softer album tracks. “Everything Could Be Fine” brings the album to a more uplifting end, both in title and in sound, and its upbeat tone sets off the mood of the other tracks. This is the most “dancey” song of the album, and the one most likely to get people nodding their heads.

Whilst all the vocals and lyrics have an ephemeral quality to them, they remain firmly underpinned with a sense of wistfulness. This core of sadness is also suggested by the titles of the tracks, which seem to carry their own sense of narrative. Part of what makes this album work so well is that Sun Glitters manages to convey this underlying feeling of sadness without it becoming overpowering.

As well as this album, Sun Glitters has an EP out with Steffaloo – which deals in more of the same chilled out beats – and a new single, “Things Are”. “Things Are” feels like Sun Glitters is pointing himself in a darker direction, and one that suits him perfectly.

I can understand that some people will feel like they’ve heard all that Sun Glitters has to offer by the midpoint of this album, and to an extent, the tracks are mostly variations upon a theme. Even so there’s something beautifully insubstantial about Sun Glitters, and this makes it easy to forgive the slight repetitiveness in sound. You could argue that we’ve heard this all before, “post dubstep”, “future garage”, “chillwave” or whatever genre tag you want to bestow upon Sun Glitters, but he’s approaching this with a greater level of sensitivity and subtlety than others, and this is what keeps me coming back to this album.

Emma Tucker

"Everything Could Be Fine"

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