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Django Django Django DjangoDjango Django

7 / 10

He who never needs to hear hedonist and fun music, something to brighten up their day or tube rides, cast the first stone. Django Django have made one of those records: fun and good, two qualities that don't always come together. It's not that Django Django have reinvented the wheel with this self-titled debut, but they have made an album that stands out in these times of disposable things.

Let's go one by one. Last year, the Edinburgh quartet released two singles. One of them, “Default”, was promising enough to wake the interest of the music press. The other however, was nothing more than a promise, a possibility. But now that they've released their debut, “Django Django”, they do stand out from the rest - going from promise to reality. They're credible now and convincing from the start.

The album gives a nod to the Far West with “Introduction”, the opening track and a two-minute business card: it sounds like something off a spaghetti western soundtrack by an Ennio Morricone coming home at six in the morning from a night of partying and firing up his synthesisers. From then on, “Django Django” just keeps getting better, thanks to tracks like “Hail Bop”, “Default” and “Firewater”. They take no prisoners and the quality level doesn't go down: infectious melodies, brilliant vocals and a spot-on mix of Psychedelia, Electronica and skilful Pop go hand in hand throughout the record.

Django Django have a touch of arty, at times reminiscent of Talking Heads, with some Beach Boys-like melancholy ( “Hand Of Man”), classic Pop ( “Firewater”), a pinch of Eastern sounds ( “Skies Over Cairo”) and even a dose of New Tropicalism ( “Zumm Zumm”). The ingredients are conveniently dosed so that the end result doesn't sound like a kitsch pastiche. One of the most remarkable things about Django Django's debut is that, in spite of their origins, they're not making the classic (and not very innovative) kind of Rock so typical of many British bands. By picking the best from the UK (that longing for hedonist Electronica) and the US (the innovative Rock), the result is working and remains promising. Let's just enjoy them.


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