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Bombloklat#2 Ina Bomboklat

We would like to know what Za! sound like. Are they a post-rock band? Well, they are rock alright, and maybe they’re post, too. But in their improvised guitar and drum jams played with devilish virtue there’s room for much more: the legacy of New York no wave, the post-metal of bands like Earth, the avant-garde improvisation of geniuses like John Zorn. And all that, made in Barcelona, with few resources, a lot of talent and much patience. Coinciding with the release of their album “Megaflow” (Acuarela, 2011) and their gig at San Miguel Primavera Sound 2011, we enter the rehearsal room of Za! to capture, in a very simple idea, the essence of their music: we saw them play, make a song in real time, feeling the sweat and the vibes between Spazzfrica Ehd and Papa du Pau and thus experiencing their power. If you want more after this, you know what to do: you can see them on Friday 27th May (Ray-Ban Unplugged, Parc del Fòrum, 6.10 pm), and twice on Saturday 28th May (4.55pm at Ray-Ban Unplugged and at 6pm on the Minimúsica Stage).

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