PlayGround TV

Part I, In search of the Unsound

PlayDocs 2011

The Pleasure of Fear: Horror at Unsound Horror is an essential element in modern music that aspires to break sonic boundaries and generate new spaces for expression and emotions. The Polish Unsound festival, celebrated every autumn in the cold climate of Kraków, knows that all to well, and that’s why the 2010 edition had the concept of horror as its central theme, with artists such as Ben Frost and Demdike Stare. The PlayTV cameras were there and didn’t only record the performances at Unsound. We went with the intention of exploring horror’s place in music, led by journalist Philip Sherburne, our guide from place to place, across artist to artist, and who led our reflections through the labyrinth of emotions that is Unsound. What you will see below is the first episode –with pivotal artists Demdike Stare– of a long documentary in several parts about fear, the pleasure it produces, and the great festival that is Unsound.

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