PlayGround TV

Part II, In search of the Unsound

PlayDocs 2011

The Pleasure of Fear: Horror at Unsound In the first episode of this documentary made by PlayTV at the Polish Unsound festival, celebrated every year in cold Krakow, we started got into an element that’s part of much of today’s experimental electronic music: darkness, terror, the unknown. Taken by the hand by our host, journalist and DJ Philip Sherburne –voice over and wanderer through medieval, deserted, cold corners of Krakow–, we got to know what Demdike Stare had to say on the subject. In this second episode, we continue the journey “In Search Of The Unsound” with the metaphysical reflections of Sherburne and the opinions of Kreng and Mordant Music, via their installation “Nesst”. The third episode will be online soon.

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