PlayGround TV

Nosaj Thing [02]

PlayLive, Sónar 2010

At first sight, Jason Chung looks like he might work in a shop or a restaurant somewhere in your neighbourhood. Charisma, glamour, and an artistic aura? Not so much. So how is it possible that someone apparently so grey and nerdy can manage to pull off a musical and visual show that is so contagious, powerful, exciting and surprising? The answer to this question came yesterday in the Hall of the CCCB. A table, a gadget, and a shiny set of lights are more than enough for Nosaj Thing to certify that his proposal goes much further than the post-Dilla nostalgic fever that we largely associate with the media fervour that the Los Angeles beat scene has aroused. Chung contradicts the horizontal spirit of the subgenre and knows how to arm himself live with a group of beats, melodies and effects that have a lot of punch, nerve, and muscle. No complaints. He combines the sound scaffolding with a vibrant play of lights and visual effects, with an exquisite aesthetic taste, giving the contents rhythm and dynamism.

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