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Inside Terror Danjah

PlayPortrait 01

What’s the daily life of Terror Danjah like? It’s not very different from yours and mine: he deejays, he produces tracks, takes care of his advancing career, entertains himself on the tube battling against impressive rivals on his favourite computer fight game. He works every day and he gives it his all with everything he does, but at the same time he looks for some free moments, meets up with his mates, takes the bus or the underground to get to places and finishes the day sipping his favourite shake in the cafeteria where he’s always gone, in his old neighbourhood. This Terror Danjah we’re about to show you goes beyond his records, to reveal the man in a more human dimension. In the video, the first in a series we’re premiering today and which will carry the title PlayPortrait, we get up close and personal with the man who is generally considered to be the godfather of grime, and we do so to coincide with the release of his first album, “Undeniable” (Hyperdub, 2010), a debut made with patience after six years of producing beats for the best MCs of the London urban scene.

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