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PlayConcert, Sónar 2010

We’ve told you practically everything about Delorean except their telephone number and what size jeans they wear. We’ve given you mixtapes and the recording of “Sunshine” in their Barcelona studio in the company of John Talabot, who only showed one of his arms. We’ve given you reviews and the opportunity to hear remixes, oddities and advance tracks. We’ve even given you a fragment of their last concert at Sonar, in case you weren’t there and you wanted to experience it, or in case you were there and you desperately needed to experience it again. What else can we give you of Delorean? Well, we do have something... We can give you, for example, an entire concert. The segment from Sonar wasn’t the only thing we captured live: we have it all, and now we can share it, and we want to. If you have 55 minutes to spare and you want to enjoy a vibrant Delorean concert from the comfort of your sofa, now is the time. Yes? Let the journey begin.

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