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Delorean & John Talabot play Sunshine

PlaySpecial, Sónar 2010

Delorean opened their studio doors to us for a very special date. They got together to play a special version of “Sunshine”, keeping the original structure and textures of the song but playing their instruments played in real time —the rhythm with the stiff regularity of a metronome— and calling in John Talabot, who’s a good friend of the group, to complete the performance. We went in with two cameras and recorded the event; you can only see John Talabot’s arms and a little of his jumper —he still doesn’t want to show his face, who can he be?— but you can see he’s at ease handling the laptop and keyboards. Delorean, for their part, play neatly, so that the wonder that is “Sunshine” can grow gently and wrap you in its unfolding, warm embrace. It would be a wonderful addition to their live repertoire alongside the compositions featured on their new LP, “Subiza” (Mushroom Pillow, 2010), our soundtrack for the coming months. We were witnesses to a unique moment. Enjoy.

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