PlayGround TV

BackStage With Yelle

Razzmatazz, Barcelona

Have you ever asked yourself what an artist like Yelle does in the hours before going on stage? Would you like a look at her life like a neighbour with a pair of binoculars? There are a load of things to know. What’s a long, non-stop day of promotion like? What does she wear for soundcheck? If you’re nodding while reading this, then you’re in the right place. PlayTV cameras followed the French diva over the 24 hours around her show at Razzmatazz club in Barcelona, where she presented her new album, “Safari Disco Club”, which will be available on 21st March via V2 Records. The artist once known as the muse of tectonic has thrown off that tag, and allowed us to record for posterity some fragments of her show. Tie your shoelaces and get ready to dance.

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