Wolfgang Voigt And Jörg Burger Are Mohn

Listen to their new work for Kompakt

The creative interaction between Wolfgang Voigt and Jörg Burger is one of the most fruitful to take place on the Cologne electronic scene. They have been releasing music together since the early 90s, whether signed with their surnames or under the name of infinite ephemeral projects such as Biosphere#1, Stardiver, Pacific 231, M*A*S*S*H or Best Boy, to name just a few. Their latest adventure is called Mohn - the name under which they have just released their new album for Kompakt - an album that moves through the terrain of esoteric ambient and numb techno without drums. As the label rightly suggests, it’s “slow, sublime, sombre music, fusing different ambient styles to one new one”. The album has been available in the shops since yesterday. Here we leave the stream of it for you.

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