This Is How The Return Of Beachwood Sparks Sounds

“The Tarnished Gold” is available for streaming

Los Angeles group Beachwood Sparks have taken ten years to follow up Make The Cowboy Robots Cry (Sub Pop, 2002), the EP that acted as an addendum to their second album to date, “Once We Were Trees” (2001). A whole decade has gone by, but the features of their sound are still firm, although softened, in “The Tarnished Gold” , their new work for Sub Pop.

The work draws on the contributions of the four original members of the group (Chris Gunst, Brent Rademakr, Farmer Dave Scher and Aaron Sperske), although there is also room in the credits for collaborations with related musicians and friends such as Ben Knight ( The Tyde), Neal Casal ( The Cardinals) and Ariel Pink. At the heart of the album is the soul of the city: in the words of the label, the album’s sound evokes “Cobalt blue skies and the smell of flowering jasmine on a perfect spring day in Los Angeles”. They say that it is an album intended to be listened to on a Sunday afternoon, but you aren’t going to blow it off on a Monday just because of that, are you?

Sub Pop will put the album out on 26th June.

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