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NPR brings us “In Our Heads”

Said Joe Goddard, back in February, that “ In Our Heads” “basically sounds like Hot Chip, we haven’t done anything particularly weird. […] It’s a beautiful thing. That’s what brought everything together for this new record. It’s a continuation of our love affair with different kinds of dance music.” Those words just about spell it out for the band's fifth album. The overall feeling is familiarity (most of all because of Alexis Taylor's unmistakable voice), less urgency, and few surprises, musically, although there are some new details. From the more or less canonical synth-pop of Motion Sickness”, they go to the house-infused electronic pop of How Do You Do”, and from there to the eighties funk-pop of Don't Deny Your Heart”, and that kind of white and naked soul that is Look At Where We Are”, only to later return to the house-pop flirting with progressive music that Hot Chip do so well. Everything's in the right place, perfectly fitting, and less impulsive than on their previous efforts. Maybe it all lacks a bit of passion? Listen after the jump and judge for yourself. The album will be out on 11th June, on Domino.

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