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It's been ten years since Norah Jones took everyone by surprise with her first album Come Away With Me” (Capitol, 2002), climbing to the top of the sales charts the world over. The last thing we heard from her was her collaboration on “ Rome” (EMI, 2011), the album by Brian Burton (alias Danger Mouse) and Daniele Luppi paying tribute to the sound of the spaghetti western, featuring some veteran Italian musicians and stars like Jack White. Burton, as versatile as they come, has now produced Little Broken Hearts”, the new solo album by the New York artist, after a string of collaborations and “featurings”. The result, as you can hear below, is a fantastic brew of Jones' trademark aesthetic (i.e. sensual, soft-jazz tinged folk and pop) and the sounds the Gnarls Barkley member made with Broken Bells.

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