Au Revoir Simone's Erika Spring Invites You To Listen To Her Self-titled Debut EP

Out today on Cascine

If anyone thought summer was a dry season when it comes to record releases, the industry is going out of its way to prove otherwise. Among many other things, this week Cascine is releasing the self-titled EP by Erika Spring, one of the three ladies from Au Revoir Simone. As usual, the label is offering up the stream of the record, produced by Jorge Elbrecht from Violens. According to the platform, these songs were born out of the young woman's need to explore her interest in dance music and radio-friendly pop. They promise an “utterly charming and irresistible collection of five, electronic pop gems”. And, judging from a quick listen, they're not wrong. Below you'll also find the video for “ Hidden”, one of the tracks from the EP.


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