Richard Hawley Invites You To Listen To His New Album

“Standing At The Sky’s Edge”, available streaming

We were already warned by his label, Parlophone, that Richard Hawley’s new album, “Standing At The Sky’s Edge”, was going to be more bare and sober than usual. After a first listen, this seems to be confirmed. That is to say, that if you were expecting songs decorated with strings and gussied up with diamond melodies, you had better be looking back into other corners of his recorded work. This is a strictly rock album, dominated by guitar riffs (“ She Brings The Sunlight”) and sharp tracks (“ Down In The Woods” could be categorised perfectly well as noise-rock). There are also atmospheric landscapes (“ The Wood Collier’s Grave”) and those lovely moments that fans of yesterday, today, and always will like (“ Seek It”). There is definitely the variety to satisfy all tastes and ears. Remember: it’ll be in the shops from the 7th May.

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