Prince Rama Share Their New Album Via Stream

The Larson sister made an album featuring ten renditions of imaginary hits by bands that never existed.

On Tuesday, 6th November, Prince Rama's new album “ Top 10 Hit Of The End Of The World” will come out on Paw Tracks. And it's not just another LP, but one built on a big fantasy. As the title suggests, the Larson sisters made a cover album of ten songs that were hits on the eve of Armageddon, which according to them took place in December 2012 (they explain it to you from the future, of course). However, these aren't tracks by Kendrick Lamar, Bat For Lashes or Animal Collective. Prince Rama invented a series of bands, totally imaginary, each with their own context, story and sound, and then they “covered” their songs. Confusing? Well, thanks to The Hype Machine, you can now listen to the intelligent and original effort, full of weirded-out and psychedelic synthetic pop.

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