Premiere Of The New Tamaryn Album

"Tender New Signs" will be out on Mexican Summer on 16th October

With their first album, “The Waves” (Mexican Summer, 2010), Tamaryn was one of the unjustly overlooked bands in 2010; it didn't make a lot of noise, but it captured most of the restless souls who gave it a listen. Now, the San Francisco duo is back, and they are here to push the limits of their captivating dream-pop (with occasional inclinations towards psychedelia) even more. On 16th October, they're releasing their second album “Tender New Signs”, a collection of nine pieces of hi-res shoegaze-pop with a majestic sound. Although they have chosen to take the helm themselves, the sound is notably more mature, and you can hear they're reaching higher and higher, obviously eager to come up with increasingly defined structures. The LP will be released by Mexican Summer.

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