Cat Power Lets Us Listen To Her New Album, “Sun”

The follow-up to “Jukebox” comes out via Matador next Tuesday

Four years after "Jukebox" (Matador, 2008) and six after her last collection of her own songs, (the superb "The Greatest"), Cat Power is back. Next Tuesday Matador will put out her new album, “Sun”, the production of which began in 2006, undergoing setbacks that were both financial (at one point, she even declared bankruptcy) and sentimental (she broke up with her previous partner, Giovanni Ribisi, during the album’s process of gestation). As an act of affirmation and rebellion, she decided to finance this work herself, and in fact, the album is so DIY that it is Chan Marshall herself who plays (almost) all of the instruments on it. The sound is also reinvented, much more electronic, full of synths and drum-machines, to which Philippe Zdar gave his touch in the mixing. It is a daring statement that she is sharing now with her followers on NPR, where you can already listen to the album in its entirety. So you can hear firsthand that this change of style suits her. We give it a thumbs up.

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