“Personality” In Streaming

Listen to the new Scuba album

On 27th February, Hotflush will release the much-anticipated “ Personality,” Paul Rose's third album under his Scuba moniker. The streaming of the album reveals that, as expected, it will be his most dance floor-orientated album to date. What might not have been so predictable is, on the one hand, its stylistic diversity, with tracks going from boogie to drum'n'bass, IDM-infused electro and Berghain-style techno, and, on the other, the brightness of the sound. Because, as could be sensed on the single “ Adrenalin,” and contrary to his previous two albums, euphoric moods and radiant melodies rule on most of the eleven songs, making for an LP that could be tagged as “Scuba's summer album.” Listen to it after the jump.

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