Mute Offers Up The Online Stream Of Cold Specks' Debut Album

“I Predict A Graceful Expulsion” is due out on 21st May

We've been talking about the musical talent of Cold Specks for some time now, as the advance tracks from their first album, “ I Predict A Graceful Expulsion”, out on Mute on 21st May, kept surfacing. Cold Specks is the project of Al Spx, a Canadian singer-songwriter based in London, who chose a quote from James Joyce's Ulysses” as the title for her full-length debut. The label is now offering up the album for online streaming; the singer describes it as “doom soul” and apparently influenced by people like Tom Waits and Bill Callahan. After a first listening, her soulful chamber folk doesn’t seem so dark and doomed. Listen after the jump.

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