Nina Sky's New Album In Streaming

Listen to and download “Nicole & Natalie”, the second full-length by the Albino sisters

The twins are back. Nicole and Natalie, better known as Nina Sky, have the follow-up to the splendid “ The Other Side”, released in 2010 and still a regular guest on our turntables, ready for take-off. With a mixture of white R&B (“ Day Dreaming”), dance-floor fillers (“ Heartbeat”), and timeless anthems in the vein of New Order's “Bizarre Love Triangle” (“ Everytime”), the sisters are ready to break through to a wider audience. “ Nicole & Natalie”, their second studio album, out starting this week, can be streamed in the player below this article. If you want to download it without being accused of being a dirty pirate, follow this link.

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