The New Lone Album, Streaming Now

Listen to “Galaxy Garden” via Hype Machine

Next Monday, the last day of April, R&S will put “Galaxy Garden” on the shelves. What can you expect of the Englishman Matt Cutler’s fourth long work as Lone? Cascades of light and colour, exuberant foliage, clear waters and a fresh glass of juice in paradise shaken to the beat of UK garage. It has an exotic atmosphere, tinkling ambient, bits of bleep techno, imitation drum’n’bass drunk on the breeze and sunshine, and house that is nostalgic for the rave era at its lightest. No more or less than what we expected. A delicious garden made rhythm and sound that flies us back in our imagination to the first half of the 90s, without leaving that unpleasant retro aftertaste in our mouths. Listen to it after the jump, courtesy of Hype Machine.

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