New Fight Bite Album

The project is led by Neon Indian's keyboardist

Neon Indian's keyboardist, Leanne Macomber, also finds the time to dedicate herself to other musical adventures. She's had a project on the side for years now, Fight Bite, with which she moves away from the dance floor and operates closer to Morpheus territory. The band has just independently released their new, self-titled album, with ten more slices of dream-pop. Catiline” could well be taken from a chapter of Twin Peaks” (it's no coincidence they've been compared to Julee Cruise at some point); Charlotte Iris” is more danceable synth-pop, with contrasts between the somewhat dry instrumentation and Macomber's vaporous voice; Nancy” is an overwhelming, phantasmagoric lullaby; and Queen Anne” incorporates some sombre percussion, distantly reminiscent of Joy Division's Atmosphere”. We leave you with the album after the jump, where you can dive into handsome Macomber’s parallel reality.

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