Name Your Price For The New Blackout Beach

The leader of Frog Eyes offers up his fourth album on Bandcamp

While Frog Eyes find themselves at an impasse, their leader, Carey Mercer, has found time to focus on his other projects. Last November, he released his third album as Blackout Beach, “Fuck Death”, on Dead Oceans, a record he had been working on for three years, whenever he could do so in between his other activities. One might think that Mercer takes his time for things, and that new Blackout Beach material wouldn’t come out for awhile, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The Canadian has just finished his fourth album, “11 Pink Helicopters In The Coral Sky”, a collection of eleven instrumental tracks that he is selling on his Bandcamp page, at a price you can decide for yourself. This time, Mercer sounds minimalist and fragile, removed from the more solid aesthetic of his previous LP. Gentle music to float by, or, as our hero tweeted: “Give your ears a galactic massage.”

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