Micachu And The Shapes Let You Try Their Trippy New Album Via Stream

“Never” will go on sale this 23rd July

When it comes to being weird - or to say it better, original - few can equal them. Micachu And The Shapes already showed us three years ago that they are non-conformists, offering the most bizarre pop with their inspired debut, “Jewellery”. For the Londoners, songs are like child’s play, brief stimulant drawings in which they use everything they have on hand to feed their unclassifiable sound blend. But it’s true that however apathetic and even standoffish they might seem to you at first, their songs - which are abound in jubilant percussions and studio effects - end up causing a real addiction the more you listen to them. If you don’t believe us, just try out this stream of “Never”, their second album for Rough Trade, which will be in the shops this 23rd July.

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