Listen To Solo Debut Of Baio, Vampire Weekend’s Bass Player, In Its Entirety

“Sunburn EP” streaming

Last summer, Chris Baio, Vampire Weekend’s bass player, surprised us with a session in which he revealed himself to be a connoisseur of underground dance music; especially in the spectrum of house music with a disco aftertaste. This mix, along with the confirmation of several dates as a DJ, led one to suspect the New York musician was going to take advantage of the band’s break to start a project with electronic inclinations. Well, the first fruit of this venture is called “Sunburn EP” and it came out just yesterday on Greco Roman. In it, Baio brings us his particular vision of house, always light and bathed in tropical vibes. Three cuts to dance to on orange-tinted evenings, among which “ Sunburn Modern” especially stands out (without a doubt the most inspired of the lot). The release also includes the collaboration of the illustrious Matías Aguayo on “ Tanto”, which we already shared with you a few days ago. Here you can listen to it in its entirety.


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