Listen To “Quarantine”

Streaming of Laurel Halo's album debut

“Quarantine”, Laurel Halo's full-length debut on Hyperdub is one of the most anticipated records of the year in experimental electronica, and two weeks before its official release, the good people of FACT bring you the online album stream.

A first listening tells us the label's press office wasn't lying when they said that the album is openly experimental pop, perfectly balanced. The compositions surround Halo's voice (more in the foreground than ever) with shapeless, nebulous abstractions, with the textures submitted to a process of digital discolouring, turning them into a chaotic, suggestive amalgamation. A big part of that attraction comes from the melodies sketched out by Halo's volatile and also heavily-manipulated vocal tone, more enchanting and captivating than ever. It was just a quick listen, but we are already overwhelmed. The album is due out on 28th May.


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