Listen To POP ETC Debut Album

The former Morning Benders get a makeover

Usually, name changes occur when a band still hasn't had much success, so cases like POP ETC are fairly rare. The group formerly known as The Morning Benders had made quite a name for themselves in the indie world, mainly thanks to their excellent second album Big Echo” (Rough Trade, 2010). But now, after finding out “benders” is pejorative for homosexuals in some countries, they felt they had to change their name in order not to offend the gay community.

The new name comes with a new sound, too. Out goes the friendly indie-rock full of ecstatic vocal harmonies, in come the pop and R&B forms. With Danger Mouse, among others, at the helm. Listen to the self-titled album below these lines; it's due out on 12th June.

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