Listen To Japandroids’ Second LP

The Canadian duo to release “Celebration Rock” on 5th June

The Canadian duo Japandroids already have their second studio album, “Celebration Rock”, ready for Polyvinyl to get in to the shops this coming 5th June. With British punctuality, the label and NPR now offer us the chance to listen to an advance stream of the eight hits that make up this full-length album. After listening to it superficially a couple of times, we can assure you that the punk rock bomb that is “ Younger Us” has the same strength that it did when it came out for the first time two years ago. Furthermore, Brian King and David Prowse seem to have succeeded in their idea of taking the energy of their frenetic live shows into the studio, also refining their lyrics and cleaning up the blurriness of their sound, without getting too carried away with it. They are the same as always, but now their proposal is much more solid, which is nothing to sneeze at.

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