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“A Church That Fits Our Needs” goes on sale 20th March

Since we offered you three advances from Lost In The Trees’ second album two months ago, we have been anxious to see what “A Church That Fits Our Needs”, has in store for us (released via Anti- from 20th March). Each of the twelve songs included possess very intense, elaborate lyrics - dealing with suicide of vocalist Ari Picker’s mother in the summer of 2009. It is a work that tends to celebrate her life, rather than mourn her death, although it does relate some of her darker moments; the history of emotional abuse at the hands of her husband, the death of her twin daughters at birth, her depression, cancer, and her death a few hours after leaving her son’s wedding. NPR offers us the chance to listen to these lovely folk-pop gems with orchestral arrangements, by the band from North Carolina’s legendary Chapel Hill. To reach the stream, follow this link.

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