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“Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles Of SpaceGhostPurrp” streaming

Although “Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles Of SpaceGhostPurrp” is the first official release from SpaceGhostPurrp, it can’t entirely be considered a debut album. In reality, this is a collection of songs that follow the Florida rapper’s career from when he debuted in 2011 until now. It’s been almost two years, during which time he has shaken up the underground with his swampy sound on mixtapes such as “ BlackLand 66.6” and “ NASA The Mixtape”, which have led to him signing with 4AD, thus becoming the first rapper to sign with the legendary British label.

The compilation includes songs like "The Black God", "Grind on Me" and "Get Yah Head Bust”, among others, and they are brought to us brightened up, with a more polished sound. There is also room for new compositions, such as the spot-on “ Bringing Tha Phonk”.

The album will be out on 12th June, both on CD and as a digital download. Here you can listen to it in its entirety.


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