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Online stream of “Aimlessness”

Jimmy Tamborello had been lost, out of place, for over a decade, trying to find, without too much luck, the magic he achieved on works like “Life Is Full of Possibilities” (Plug Research, 2001), a highlight of the naïve and poppy IDM that would be called indietronica, and his album with Ben Gibbard as The Postal Service. Tamborello, alias Dntel, has now landed at Pampa Records, the label directed by DJ Koze and Markus Fink, and his album “Aimlessness” shows us an artist who seems to have found himself again. The record moves between intimate ambient pieces ( “waitingfortherest II”), playful IDM ( Jitters”, Retracer”), wonky techno à la Actress ( Bright Night”), synthetic pop in a cloud of chill-wave ( Still”, sung by Baths) and laid-back, nocturnal house ( “My Orphaned Son”), playable at home rather than at the club.

The album is out now, listen below.

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