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Next week, “JIAOLONG” will be released, the first full-length by Daphni, aka Dan Snaith, aka Caribou. The record includes four previously unreleased tracks and five that have been out on vinyl, among which gems like “ Yes, I Know”, “ Ye Ye”, and his re-edit of Cos Ber Zam's “ Ne Noya”. The album is therefore an overview of Snaith's work for the dance floor, in which he, apart from aiming at the clubs, appeals to the liberating powers of dance music in order to elevate the mind. Daphni shows he's a beat master, manufacturing rhythms with analogue drum machines and organic percussion and incorporating influences that go from African music to ghetto house. All that, whilst fully exploiting the possibilities of the modular synth he built himself. Listen to the full album, courtesy of Resident Advisor, here.

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