Listen To The New Becoming Real

“Solar Dreams / Neon Decay” is due out next week

In late March we told you about Becoming Real's plans to release “ Solar Dreams / Neon Decay”, a mini-album debut from the catalogue of Not Even, their own label. Today, we can offer you the full album stream. The already known Snow Drift Love” is joined by six new tunes featuring all aspects of Toby Ridler's musical vision. From sparkling UK garage compositions like Lady Lazarus” and the aforementioned Snow Drift Love”, to grime eruptions with an Arcade game heart, like Work Me” and “ Equinox”. There's also room for the Briton's most adventurous facet, on the spectral Anthropoly” and the Orient-influenced Slow Memory”. The release date is set for 28th May on CD and digital. Listen after the jump.


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