Listen To The Fleetwood Mac Tribute Album

Contributions by Lykke Li, The Kills, Antony, The New Pornographers, Washed Out, and many more

We've been serving you appetisers of “ Just Tell Me That You Want Me”, the Fleetwood Mac tribute album, due out on 14th August, for a few weeks now. With the artists playing on it, all of them more or less influenced by the legendary London band, you could set up a more than decent festival. A good two weeks from its release, NPR is offering up the online stream of the entire LP. Our three favourites for now: “ Silver Springs” by Lykke Li, “ Think About Me” by The New Pornographers, and “ Landslide” by Antony Hegarty. Which are yours?

If these 17 covers aren't enough for you, we leave you Haim's rendition of “ Hold Me”, included as a bonus track on the digital edition.

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