Listen To The Streaming Of Darling Farah’s Album

Misty, magmatic techno in “Body”

After her trio of EPs for Civil Music, Darling Farah has just released her first full-length for the London label. “Body” brings us 10 misty, magmatic techno compositions that move among bits of metallic dub, more standoffish Detroit, and the opiate atmospheres of Andy Stott’s latest works. Lethargic, submerged music, with a dense, extra-corpulent sound that puts one in a trance thanks to that perfect balance with which every piece is constructed. The album was recorded in London, where the Detroit-born producer now lives, after having spent time in the United Arab Emirates.

Here we leave you it, to listen to in its entirety. If you like what you hear, you should know that the release is already available as a double LP.


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