Listen To Peter Van Hoesen's New Record

"Perceiver" will be out this Monday

Cold, harsh and industrial techno is the order of the day in Berlin, and it's not only made by native producers, either. Those who settle in the German capital take on the 4x4 in no time, as if it were some kind of social integration thing for foreigners. One of the many examples is Peter Van Hoesen, originally from Belgium, and head of the Time To Express label. Van Hoesen's new album, "Perceiver", condenses the city's metallic grey idiosyncrasy in eleven tracks that go from dance floor techno to twisting and conceptual IDM. Music from the 90s, music from 2012, music fron the 25th century: timeless stuff. The LP will be out on 3rd September, so you have the whole weekend to stream this baby. Check the player below.

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