Listen To The New PS I Love You Album

“Death Dreams” due out on the 8th May

The success of their debut album, “Meet Me At The Muster Station” (Paper Bag Records, 2010), served Canadians PS I Love You as an experience for their second LP, “Death Dreams”, due out via Paper Bag on 8th May. While the first was a tribute to their home town, Kingston (Ontario), this one reflects everything they discovered when they went on the road. The album is the result of their extensive touring around the world, the new people they met, the fans, the artists they shared the stage with and much more. That's the central theme on a record we can now listen to in its entirety. Though the inspiration for the lyrics is different, the music isn't: Benjamin Nelson and Paul Saulnier bring us new slices of sometimes melodic, sometimes leaden noise-pop; sometimes dark and sometimes relaxed. The longer duration of the pieces also made them more unpredictable, with some surprising elements coming out of nowhere.

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