Listen To The Oneohtrix Point Never And Rene Hell Split In Its Entirety

The LP will be out in a week via NNA Tapes

If you have been paying attention to these pages, you will know that on 18th September NNA Tapes will release a split album shared by Oneohtrix Point Never and Rene Hell. As we have explained, Daniel Lopatin’s side brings us “Music For Reliquary House”, a reworking of the music for the “ Reliquary House” installation that Lopatin thought up with visual artist Nate Boyce. While that project was focused on reimagining the canon of Modernist sculpture, for the recording, OPN has deleted the narrative segments, adulterated the vocal fragments, twisted the melodies and added new instruments - resulting in a collection of synthetic deconstructions that are full of glitches and Martian beauty. "In 1980 I was a Blue Square", Rene Hell’s contribution, sounds much more earthly, combining classical instrumentation like pianos and strings with synthesizers and digital manipulations. Listen to it in its entirety after the jump.

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