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Streaming of “Fabriclive 64”

Anyone who’s ever witnessed a set by Oneman knows that he's one of the most magmatic DJs on the British underground in recent years. The kind of energy coming from the decks when the man is playing is impossible to capture on a CD mix, but with his recent “ Fabriclive 64, the Londoner shows that he's also capable of putting together a set that can be heard outside the context of a club. Setting aside his usual eclecticism and preference for frantic mixing, Oneman presents an amalgamation of UK garage and other bass mutations, which defines his musical vision as much as his musical omnivorous quality, oscillating between influences from the past (many 90s sounds) and from the present he himself is helping to shape (with the glorious “ Ellipsisby Joy Orbison at the head). “ Fabriclive 64” is out now; listen to it after the jump.


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