Listen To The New Dent May Album

Due out on Paw Tracks on 12th June

Mississippi musician and ukulele lover Dent May has got rid of that very instrument, which is reflected in the disappearance of the “His Magnificent Ukulele” bit in his stage name, even though he gained so many fans precisely because of the string instrument, back in 2009 when he released his debut album, full of graceful, exotic, pop songs evoking the fifties and sixties. On 12th June, he'll be back, on Paw Tracks again, with Do Things”, which you can stream on the Spin website. The sonic spectrum has widened, and a lot, too: shining pieces of synthetic funk ( Best Friend”), psychedelic ballads in the same vein as the label ( Tell Her”), and some new-wave songs in the line of Talking Heads ( Parents”). If you want to have a listen, follow this link to Spin magazine.

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