Listen To The New Animal Collective Album

“Centipede Hz” available in streaming

Animal Collective had quite the card up their sleeve for their Animal Collective Radio broadcasts. The latest episode of their pop-up radio show, broadcast last night, was put together by Brian Weitz, alias Geologist, who made a mixtape in four parts (like the four sides of an imaginary double LP) on the eve of the recording sessions for “Centipede Hz” for album producer Ben Allen, featuring a selection of “inspiring” songs for the mood and sound the band was shooting for with the album. Listen to the broadcast after the jump, and watch the official video for “Today's Supernatural”.

However, the card we were referring to wasn't this “Transmission 4”, but the full streaming of “Centipede Hz”. The album, due out on 3rd September on Domino Records, can be heard in its entirety on the band's web page, with a video for each track. Listen to it here.

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