Listen To The New Lindstrøm Album In Its Entirety

“Smalhans” will be out on 5th November

Eight months after surprising us with “ Six Cups Of Rebel” (Smaltown Supersound, 2012), Lindstrøm already has his second full-length of the year ready. On “Smalhans”, the Norwegian sets aside the forays into psychedelic funk and progressive rock featured in his previous album to go back to his cosmic roots and 4/4 rhythms. To do so, he has written six solid compositions in which his analogue sound is more expansive than ever, resulting in his most openly dance-floor-friendly work to date. A good example of this are cuts like “Ęg-Gęd-Ōsis” and “Lāmm-Ęl-Āār”, in which his epic progressions have an almost trance air.

The arrival of “Smalhans” is scheduled for 5th November via Smalltown Supersound/ Feedelity and we can already listen to it all on the producer’s SoundCloud. We’ve left it for you here.

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