Listen To “I Know What Love Isn’t”, Jens Lekman’s New Album

The album officially goes on sale next week

Just a few days ago, Jens Lekman bared his soul to us; explaining his literary approach to lyrics, how he has given samples a back seat in the sound process for his latest piece, and the reasons why he considers “I Know What Love Isn’t” to be his true “debut” (even though it isn’t really). You can go back to the interview here, but we recommend that you do it while listening to the entire stream of his latest work, ten overwhelmingly sincere songs that face the difficult task of surpassing the success of his last studio album to date, 2007’s celebrated “Night Falls Over Kortedala”. Has he done it? Draw your own conclusions after being among the first to listen to the Swedish troubadour’s new album. It goes on sale this coming 3rd September via Secretly Canadian.

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