Listen to Horse Feathers’ Fourth Album In Its Entirety

“Cynic’s New Year” will be in the shops on 17th April

Horse Feathers, folkies native to Portland (Oregon), have their fourth album ready. Cynic’s New Year”, will be in the shops next Monday through Kill Rock Stars. Thinking of the impatient, the label, in collaboration with NPR, offers us the chance to listen to the album in advance so that we can see what the band led by Justin Ringle is up to. Although in the first advance, “ Fit Against The Country”, they boasted of a calm folk without too much pomp, after having gone over the entire work, it’s clear why up to eleven musicians participated in some fragments of the album. “ Last Waltz”, for example, is a highly majestic piece with baroque ornamentation. Furthermore, although the first few seconds of “ Pacific Bray” are muted, it turns into a high-flying folk with delicate strings that tickle, accompanied by an always-elegant piano. The LP consists of twelve songs that cover the different trials of humanity: from the existential tedium of the every-day to alienation and doubt.

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