Listen To Heavenly Beat’s Debut Album

The bassist from Beach Fossils debuts on Captured Tracks on 30th August

Within a period of just over a month, Captured Tracks will release the respective debut albums of the parallel projects of two of the members of Beach Fossils, Zachary Cole Smith (his debut as DIIV is already out) and John Peña ( Heavenly Beat). The New York band’s bassist already has “Talent” ready, which will be out on 30th July. The album can already be heard courtesy of Dazed Digital, where Peña also answers some questions to let people know more about the project. It’s interesting to know that in recent years, he has listened a lot The Honeydrips and The Tough Alliance, because effectively there are some Balearic outbursts here and songs that, from afar, may remind one of Nordic heroes such as The Embassy or Jens Lekman. A compendium of warm songs led more by the rhythm than by the melodies of his guitar.

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