Listen To Half Of The New Bat For Lashes Album

"The Haunted Man" will be out in Europe next Monday

It’s interesting to see how artists play with our expectations. The first two advances from Bat For Lashes, “ Laura” and “ Marilyn”, were a delicate ballad and a synth-pop number that got increasingly epic as the minutes passed. Although the second song had synths, it didn’t really lead one to expect an album tending so heavily towards electronica, but then came the single “ All Your Gold”, and our perception changed. “The Haunted Man”, her third album, will be out in Europe this coming Monday. Despite lacking the definitive stream, which should really be here by now, today we can hear a bit more than half of the album. Besides the three songs that have already been released, we also have the opportunity to hear “ Oh Yeah”, “ Winter Fields” and “ A Wall”. Pay special attention to the first, because there are surprises.

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