Listen To Eric Chenaux's Fourth Album

Eric Chenaux is a long-standing musician. From his humble beginnings in Toronto as a member of punk band Phleg Camp on, he's always proved himself to be an experimental soul, always searching for new things without prejudice, earning himself the respect of both critics and public. In 2006, he found a new home on Constellation Records, and he has since released four albums, the latest of which, “Guitar & Voice”, was released this week.

“Guitar & Voice” can be considered his debut as a solo artist, as it's the first time he recorded an album on his own, without any guest musicians. Here we find a collection of nine sober tracks, in accordance with the album title, rummaging around in the underbelly of avant-folk, jazz, improv, psychedelia, noise and pop - with some trademark devastating lyrics to boot.

The LP was recorded by Radwan Mouhneh at Six Saint V, a small Montreal studio used by Constellation for their musicians. One of the songs, “ Put In Music”, was mixed by Chenaux's friend and label mate Sandro Perri.

You can listen to “Guitar & Voice” below.

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