Listen To Cooly G's First Album On Hyperdub

Stream of “Playin' Me”

A week from now, “Playin' Me” will come out, the first album by British producer and vocalist Cooly G. After a first listen, the effort sounds like a balanced exercise, with a first part dominated by the swampy atmospheres of, for example, “ Come Into My Room”, “ Landscapes”, and “ Tryin”, and a second part that is more rhythmical. As Hyperdub had already said, the Briton sounds eclectic; combining the reggae of “ Sunshine” with the neo-soul of “ He Said I Said” and “ Landcscapes”, without forgetting about the UK funky, on “ It's Serious”. Another highlight is her rendition of Coldplay's “ Trouble”, drenched in jungle rhythms.

Listen to the entire album after the jump, it will be out on 17th July.


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